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NEW Go Home Productions "Sleazy Egyptian EP " (2015)
A new 'Virtual Vinyl' 4-track EP for the Summer 2015.
MP3's are 320kbps // Videos are MP4

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01. Sleazy Egyptian (The Bangles/The Stranglers/Ini Kamoze)
02. Peculiar Bop (The Ramones/Marvin Gaye)
03. Drive My Romeo (Basement Jaxx/The Beatles)
04. Get Horny (Mousse T/Daft Punk/Chic)

All tracks & videos produced by Mark Vidler/Go Home Productions (2015)

About the tracks:

01. Sleazy Egyptian (3.28)
The Bangles 'Walk Like An Egyptian' vs The Stranglers 'Nice n' Sleazy' with a
pinch from Ini Kamoze's 'Hotstepper'.

I have a soft spot for 'early' Bangles..the Paisley Underground stuff before
they signed. Huge fan of The Stranglers, which goes without saying.
Love the bassline / Ini Kamoze melody seems to work well and lots of
extra GHP production went into glueing it together...

02. Peculiar Bop (2.30)
The Ramones 'Blitzkrieg Bop' vs Marvin Gaye's 'Ain't That Peculiar'.

BIG Ramones fan. BIG Motown fan. I've always wanted to hear the
Ramones over something Northern Soul sounding.
Seems to work in a rather peculiar way...

03. Drive My Romeo (3.46)
Basement Jaxx 'Romeo' vs The Beatles 'Drive My Car'.

Always loved the Jaxx...and they are still producing great stuff.
GHP uses The Beatles again...the video took a bit of sticking with, as there
is no promo for 'Drive My Car' apart from the cartoon or 'Rockband' vids.
So I improvised with a 1965 promo for 'Day Tripper' and some stuff from

04. Get Horny (3.52)
Mousse T's 'Horny' vs Daft Punk's 'Get Luck' and pieces from Chic's 'Good Times'.

I guess I have a soft spot for Daft Punk in the same way I do Basement Jaxx.
Video was another challenge as there's only 30secs of the 'Get Lucky' track
out there. Big hand goes to the chap on YouTube who pieced a decent full
length from it...came in very handy :)


Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies Vol 2" (2014)
The follow-up to 2008's 'Spliced Krispies'.
12 brand new GHP bootleg/m@sh-ups & videos.
MP3's are 320kbps // Videos are MP4

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01 Born To Pump It Up (Bruce Springsteen/ Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
02 Dancing Like Blood (Bee Gees / Killing Joke)
03 Hanging Out Of Heaven (Blondie / Bruno Mars)
04 The Killing Of Seven Nation (Echo & The Bunnymen / The White Stripes)
05 Kung-Fu Reflektor (Carl Douglas / Arcade Fire)
06 Love Is A Piano Man (Billy Joel / Amy Winehouse)
07 No One Knows Body Talk (Queens Of The Stone Age / Imagination)
08 My Paperback Sharona (The Beatles / The Knack)
09 Rude Peaches (Rihanna / The Stranglers)
10 Crosstown Groove ( Madonna / The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
11 Prototype (USSR) (The Beatles / Outkast)
12 Whatever My Tears (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles / Oasis)

All tracks & videos produced by Mark Vidler/Go Home Productions (2014)

About the tracks:

01 Born To Pump It Up (3.41)
Bruce Springsteen 'Born To Run' vs Elvis Costello & The Attractions 'Pump It Up'

This was the last track completed for the collection and hence the 'freshest' and probable favourite to these ears. Had a bit of a 'goosebump' moment when slamming it together and almost pissed myself laughing when Bruce's vocals started to work without any alteration over Elvis & his Attractions.
I came to the throne of Mr Costello later than most of my friends but now we wear similar glasses, so all is good.
Fave period is probably Armed Forces to Imperial Bedroom.
Check the video for Springsteen & Costello actually playing live together.

02 Dancing Like Blood (3.44)
Bee Gees 'You Should Be Dancing' vs Killing Joke 'Love Like Blood'

If this one doesn't produce a smile on your face then I'll simply have to reprimand you for not using your ears properly and having a humour bypass.
Big Smile Factor 2014 style.
Two extreme ends of the musical magnet:
On one side the Brothers Gibb, on the other Jaz Coleman...
These 2 simply shouldn't work but by some twist of fate they do.
Welcome to the Rock Disco. Over 40's Only.
I'm certainly a bigger Killing Joke fan than the Bee Gees (although Bee Gee's 1st is a special Psychedelic moment) but they lie as comfortable bed
partners here.
I think this is my Wife's favourite....who am I to argue?

03 Hanging Out Of Heaven (3.47)
Blondie 'Hanging On The Telephone' vs Bruno Mars 'Locked Out Of Heaven'

Originally had this Bruno Mars track paired with Blondies 'Call Me' sitting around for ages, gathering dust and being bored with itself...until I discovered that 'Hanging On The Telephone' worked 100 times better.
In a slight homage to my original idea, I tagged a bit of it back in over the end.
The whole thing comes across like a lost 'new wave' song circa 1979.
And yes it's a complete Police rip-off but you don't need to be told that...again.
I've used Blondie before apparently*
Blondie vs The Doors 'Rapture Riders' is officially over 10 years that's a shock!

04 The Killing Of Seven Nation (4.36)
Echo & The Bunnymen 'Killing Moon' vs The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army'

Vidler uses 'Seven Nation Army' seven years too late shocker. So what?
It works a treat with the Bunnymen. I fleshed this out with extra beats, fx and all manner of electronic hobgoblins to make it 'thump, grind & gyrate' or whatever the youth call such things these days.
This is probably the fifth time i've messed around with Echo & The Bunnymen in GHP style...stands to reason, i love 'em.
Watch the video! but not for too long as it can make you dizzy...

05 Kung Fu Reflektor (4.09)
Carl Douglas 'Kung Fu Fighting' vs Arcade Fire 'Reflektor'

New Age Disco vibe. Bit of a giggle this one. I'm rather partial to a bit of Arcade Fire. Usually when I'm round the Bro' In-Laws for a BBQ and ten cans of alcohol to the wind....but there is a definite disco feel going on (with a splash of Bowie) and the inclusion of Carl Douglas probably tips it over the edge.
The chorus's contain a fair bit of sub bass. Set your speakers to stun.

06 Love Is A Piano Man (3.08)
Billy Joel 'Piano Man' vs Amy Winehouse 'Love Is A Losing Game'

This was the second track completed and turned around very quickly, it really works a treat. Billy's vocal floats effortlessly over Amy's instrumental and the two complement each other really nicely.
Deliberately placed at this point in the album as a comedown to the madness going on in the first five tracks.
And yes, I'd prefer if you listened to this in the order it's programmed, rather than 'shuffling'.
One puts hours of time into this sort of thing...* you were.
Take a deep breath...

07 No One Knows Body Talk (4.01)
Queens Of The Stone Age 'No One Knows' vs Imagination 'Body Talk'

The first track finished for Spliced Krispies Vol 2.
I was listening to quite a bit of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and QOTSA around April this year and I definitely wanted to get one of those guys in here but not in an obvious way. couldn't get more polar opposite than blending QOTSA with er... Imagination?
This shouldn't work but somehow it does. The video works even better..quite hilarious after repeated viewing. I mean did those guys really think they could get away with dancing like that??
Originally paired the QOTSA vocal with Britney remains in the can for a good reason.

08 My Paperback Sharona (3.39)
The Beatles 'Paperback Writer' vs The Knack 'My Sharona'

I've always loved 'My Sharona' with a passion that borders on the ridiculous...seriously *cough..and always wanted to pair it up with something decent.
Along come them Beatles (again) and Paperback Writer (again) but what the hell, these two tracks were made for each other.
Lot's of editing went into this one but I won't bore you with technical details....for long.
The Beatles 'guitar riff' was cut to match the Sharona riff and plays with it the majority of the time. Had to edit down the long version of Sharona to match the 'single' version...easy...and had lots of fun finding relevant dub delays & reverbs.
There you go...that's as boringly techy as I can be bothered with.

09 Rude Peaches (3.13)
Rihanna 'Rude Boy' vs The Stranglers 'Peaches'

Had a Stranglers fixation for a month or so earlier this year. Was hoping to do something with 'Nuclear Device' but Peaches is much easier to plunder riffage and stuff from.
Listening back to this it reminds me of early GHP the way that I used to pair all those 'R 'n B' female vocals with rock songs...mainly due to the fact that in the heady days of 2002-2004, those were the only readily available acapellas I suppose.
Anyway, Rihanna complements the bump & grind of Peaches pretty well.
Check the video! I plundered lots of the footage from The Stranglers gig at Battersea Park '78 when they brought on 10 strippers for Nice 'n Sleazy.

10 Crosstown Groove (3.33)
Madonna 'Into The Groove' vs The Jimi Hendrix Experience 'Crosstown Traffic'

Ah, now this one was a late rediscovery. I'd initially thrown it together last year but left it half-baked and lonesome. Fresh ears a year later and I thought it wasn't as crap as I remembered it, so gave it some shampoo & conditioner and told it 'you will go to the ball'.
Madonna really does work with rock tracks for some reason.
...anyone remember that Sex Pistols pairing from 11 years ago?
The video was fun to make. Both Madge & Jimi in live situations and although there isn't much of Jimi vocally in the mix, I did me best to match his 'Yeah baby, Comin' thru' bit.

11 Prototype (USSR) (3.22)
The Beatles 'Back In The USSR' vs Outkast 'Prototype'

I Like this one. On paper they shouldn't really work together but somehow they do. Comes across all sunshine & laidbackness, vodka & orange style..hahaha.
Always loved the Outkast track and recently heard another fave band Tame Impala, covering always had it in mind to find it a partner.
A Beatles pairing is quite unexpected though for this.
Had fun with the video for this one, as there isn't any footage of them performing 'Back In The USSR'.
Thank God for those Rockband animations then..
YouTube have already blocked the video, so let's try Dailymotion:

12 Whatever My Tears (3.39)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 'Tracks Of My Tears' vs Oasis 'Whatever'

A cheeky little match. Was originally wanting to have Smokey's vocals with strings only from 'Whatever' but alas the strings in the verses aren't available, so had to make do with the full Oasis instrumental until the very end where the strings play out.
An odd mix but the Oasis track is very 60's in structure and a handful of Motown tracks would probably work with it.
Smokey got the short straw.

Mark Vidler July 2014

Go Home Productions "Spliced Krispies"

A GHP 'concept' bootleg album?

"This album was conceived and created during April 2008.
Must admit that I had a lot of fun putting this together.
No limitations or pandering to artists / record labels desires, just went headfirst into screwing around with some favourite songs and seeing what turned up"

Download Here 74Mb


01 Rolling Confusion 3.47
02 Finally, Did You No Wrong
03 Billy Stoned
04 Grandstand Supreme
05 Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have A Finger Of Fudge?
06 Mick n' Carly
07 Luther's Orange Crush
08 Main Bloom
09 Paranoid Rock
10 2000 Light Years From Bolan
11 3 X A Raindrop

Go Home Productions "This Was Pop (2002-2007)"
A selection of GHP favourites.
The best way to introduce yourself if you haven't heard
any Vidler / Go Home Productions bootlegs/m@ash-ups.

A handy-warhol compilation of older Go Home Productions:

Download Here 108Mb


01 Making Plans For Vinyl
(Tweet / XTC)
02 The Weather Episode (original version)
(Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg / Crowded House)
03 Work It Out With A Foxy Lady
(Beyonce / The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
04 Turn Out The Light Slave
(Nelly Furtado / Grace Jones)
05 Backstab Me One More Time
(Britney Spears / The O'Jays)
06 Ray of Gob (original version)
(Madonna / The Sex Pistols)
07 Shannon Stone
(Shannon / Rolling Stones)
08 Karma In The Life
(Beatles / Radiohead)
09 Jacko Under Pressure (original version)
(Michael Jackson / Queen & David Bowie)
10 Paperback Believer
(Beatles / Monkees)
11 Abba & The Bunnymen
(Echo & The Bunnymen / Abba)
12 Rapture Riders (original version)
(Blondie vs The Doors)
13 Essex Doves
(David Essex / Doves)
14 Wrapped Detective
(Police / Elvis Costello / Lionel Richie etc)
15 Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock And Roll
(Christina Aguilera / The Velvet Underground)
16 Rock In Black
(Queen / ACDC)
17 Velvet Sugar
(The Archies / The Velvet Underground)
18 Bus Stop Runner
(The Hollies / Kasabian / Sweet)
19 Time Outside
(George Michael / Culture Club)
20 Nightbeatle
(The Beatles / Daft Punk)

Go Home Productions - Bones: A Collection of GHP Snacks 2008-2012
16 track collection of all the post 'Spliced Krispies' GHP bootleg output

Features "Imagine The Band" (Lennon/Wings)"

Download Full Album & Artwork here 117Mb


Rolling Backstabbers
How Soon Is Independence?
Smells Like Rockin' Robin
Carpenter's Wonderwall
Virgin O'Riley
Thin Genie
Boys Are Back On The Bottle
I Can't Stand Sultans Of Swing
Models On Film
Filmstar Rockin'
Downtown Octopus
Temptation Of The Police
Little Shakie Roxanne
Imagine The Band
Easy Divide
GHP Goes Bananas